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Jan 16, 2023


DIY Valentines Day Pillow Cover

Want to add a little touch of Valentines Day Decor to your home? This easy DIY Valentines Day Pillow Cover would be the perfect way to do that. It would look so cute on your sofa, chair, or loveseat. I don’t usually put out many decorations for Valentines Day, so whatever I do put out, I like it to make a statement. This DIY Pillow Cover will definitely do that. It can be whipped up in just an hour or two and I know you will love it.  When it’s time to put it away, you can simply fold it flat. That’s a BIG BONUS!  Another thing is it can be no-sew if you’re in a rush or unable to stitch it together.


DIY Valentines Day Pillow Cover


Supplies Needed:



Step 1

Print off the heart pattern or you can make your own. You will need three different sizes of hearts. You can print the pattern at home here.



Step 2

Use the patterns to cut out your different hearts.

  • Out of the red felt I cut 3 Large Hearts, 3 Medium Hearts and 4 Small Hearts.
  • Out of the black felt I cut 3 Large Hearts, 4 Medium Hearts and 3 Small Hearts.
  • Out of the grey felt I cut 4 Large Hearts, 3 Medium Hearts and 3 Small Hearts.



Step 3

Cut two square 18 X 18 inch pieces of your grey linen fabric. This will be the fabric used to make the actual pillow cover. I took my measuring tape, and measured each piece, to make sure everything was nice and square. I also drew a line on the back side of the fabric so both pieces were straight.



Step 4

Now take all of your felt hearts and lay them out on 1 piece of your linen fabric. I folded my fabric in half and creased it so I could tell where the center was. You can lay your hearts any way you want. It took me a while to get them arranged how I liked. If you like how I placed them then you can just copy the image below.



Step 5

Grab your black thread and get your sewing machine all threaded. it’s time to sew. I used black thread for sewing on the hearts because I love how you can see the straight line down them. I think it gives it character. As you sew make sure to remove all pins and sew right down the middle of each heart. Do this on all 5 lines. I loved this part because you can see the pillow coming together.



Step 6

Next grab your white thread and re-thread your sewing machine. Just a note: (when you sew the two pieces of fabric together you will leave on side of the pillow open.) I hemmed one edge of each piece of fabric by simply folding the edge over and sewing it down.



Step 7

After both edges are sewn, take your velcro strips and place them over them hems. I ran the velcro completely down each side. To secure it into place I sewed down the center of each piece with my white thread. The Velcro is a great way to close the pillow cover.



Step 8

Place both square pieces of fabric together, right sides together. and place a pin in each corner to keep the fabric in place while sewing them together. I used a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Also be careful not to sew over any of the felt hearts while doing this. Sew all three edges together leaving the side, where the velco is, alone.



Step 9

You are all done sewing the pillow and now it is time to turn it right side out. I cannot even tell you all how much I love this pillow cover! To say I’m obsessed with it is an understatement.



Step 10

The last thing to do is put the pillow insert inside your pillow cover. Just to give you all a fun tip, I like to buy the inexpensive pillows from Target or Walmart and sew them to fit the size of my pillow cover. Pillow inserts can be expensive, but by using my tip you can make them for less than $5.00. It also gives you the freedom to make the pillow insert any size you would like. Once the pillow insert is completely inside the pillow cover, velcro the side shut and you are done.



Oh my goodness, just like that you are finished with this adorable DIY Valentines Day Pillow Cover. Do you love this craft as much as I do? I had so much fun creating it and hope it is something both of us will use for years to come in our Valentines Day Home Decor.

If you make this craft we would love to see your result! Tag us in your images on Facebook or Instagram at Doing What We Love with Holly & Renee. You can also see a full video of us making the craft on our facebook page here.

Happy crafting!

This is Holly, Doing what I Love.







My name is Holly, and I am the co-owner of Doing what we Love with Holly & Renee. I was born and raised in Utah and I love the beauties of this state. I am a mother to 2 wonderful children (who both are married), a wife to an amazing husband, and a Grandma to the cutest little girl on earth.

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