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May 29, 2023


Kallan’s Baby Shower

Kallan’s Baby Shower was one I have waited to plan and have for a long time now. My son and his wife Brittany have been married for almost 10 years now. They have suffered with infertility and haven’t been able to have a biological child of their own. Eventually, they decided adoption was the route they wanted to take to start their family. It took a lot of time, money, and long hours of paperwork, but after 2 years of wanting and waiting this sweet little boy joined our family. To say this Grandma was excited to throw him a Baby Shower is an understatement. I can’t wait to share all of the details with you.


The Invitations

I created this darling invitation for the Baby Shower. It was so fun for me to make. I have created a link below if you would like to use it. You can edit it and make it your own.

Here is the link ->  https://www.canva.com/design/DAFkVKvaxU0/Hc9G32QfNocdcqM8WKM8hA/edit

The Refreshments

We served a light lunch at the Baby Shower. I had my sister Renee help me and it all turned out so YUMMY! We had Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Veggie Cups, Fruit Kabobs, Blue Party Punch, and Chips. All of the recipes are linked!! Everyone loved the food and I am so thankful to have an amazing Sister to help me.

The Yummy Treat

We made a really yummy version of Muddy Buddies to serve as a snack. I love the blue candies and sprinkles Renee added to them. It was super yummy and everyone loved it. You can get the recipe in the link.

Renee also made some Yummy Suckers and I ordered some Darling Butter Mints to give as Thank You Gifts for coming to Kallan’s Baby Shower. Here is the Sucker Recipe and the link to purchase the Butter Mints.

The Decorations

I kept the Decorations quite simple. I made a Blue Balloon Arch and ordered some darling Pennant Banners. Then I hung a few Silver Star Mylar Balloons.

We did a slideshow of Kallan’s Newborn Photos for everyone to watch. Thank you B Couture Photography for the beautiful pictures, everyone loved them.

I also ordered some darling Gold Paper Plates, Cups, Napkins, and Blue Silverware. It turned out so BEAUTIFUL.

The Games

We played 2 Games which I have posted here, for you to download. They were super simple and fun.

  1. Firstly, give each Guest a blank bingo card and a pen.
  2. Then, ask them to write on the card in each square a gift that they think the Mama-to-be will receive. For example, onesies, burp cloths, blankets, change mats, etc.
  3. Next comes the fun part. Make sure the Mama-to-be sits where she is visible to all of the Guests. She can then open her gifts one by one.
  4. After each gift is opened, Guests can mark off that gift if it is on their card. For example, if the gift opened is a baby towel, then everyone with a “Towel” on their Bingo Board gets to cross it off.
  5. The first to get 5 in a row and call “Bingo” is the winner.

You can download the bingo game here.

The next game we played was Baby Animal Names. You simply put in what you think the baby is called by each Animal. It was a lot harder than I thought for the guests but it was super fun. I made them set their cell phone under their chairs. NO CHEATING!! You can download the Sheet to give the Guests and the Answer Sheet here.

Make sure to get prizes for the winners. They can be anything you think your Guests would like.

I hope you learned a little bit from this BLOG, and that you will feel confident throwing your next Baby Shower.

This is Holly and Renee, Doing What We Love.


My name is Holly, and I am the co-owner of Doing what we Love with Holly & Renee. I was born and raised in Utah and I love the beauties of this state. I am a mother to 2 wonderful children (who both are married), a wife to an amazing husband, and a Grandma to the cutest little girl on earth.

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