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Apr 25, 2021

4th of July Fireworks Decor

After Christmas, the 4th of July is my favorite Holiday! I love everything about it, being with my family, the parades, the BBQ, the games at the park and don’t forget the FIREWORKS!!! My Mom and Dad’s house is right next to the mountain where they let off the fireworks in our home town. We always had a front row seat. I have so many fun memories of watching fireworks with my family. I have never had fireworks as part of my Home Decor, so I decided this year I was making some. They turned out so STINKING CUTE!!!!!!


  • Pool Noodle

  • Red, Blue & Cream Fabric

  • Red, Blue & Cream Paint

  • Ribbon, Ric Rac and Lace

  • Raffia

  • Glitter Floral Picks, I got from Dollar Tree

  • Half Wood Beads

  • 12″ Wooden Dowels (not pictured)

  • Glue Gun, Glue Sticks

  • Paint Brush & Scissors

The first thing I did was cut my Pool noodle into 6 separate pieces. I cut the pieces to varying sizes. Some were longer and some were shorter. You can use a knife to cut them. I went outside and cut mine with my chop saw. It made really even & clean cuts. The one below is a taller piece.

Next grab one piece of the pool noodle and lets start decorating it. For this one I used red and white ticking stripe fabric. To adhere the fabric to the pool noodle I used hot glue. I just glued and rolled until it was completely covered. Make sure that the fabric is nice and smooth while rolling it.

I trimmed the bottom fabric right up to the pool noodle, and the fabric that was on top I left longer.

I then stood the pool noodle up and cut the fabric that was left on top, into strips like this.

Now I took each strip of fabric and hot glued it down into the hole on the top. I kept going until the whole top was covered.

Now you have the pool noodle completely covered its time to decorate it. I couldn’t find any blue ric rac at my fabric store, so I got some white ric rac and painted it blue myself. I showed them!!! HAHAHAHA.

Once the ric rac was dry I took it and glued it to the top and bottom of my firework. Look how cute it is!!

I wanted to add a few more decorations so I decided to paint some half beads cream and red.

After the paint on the half beads was completely dry I glued them on top of the blue ric rac. I put 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom.

I wanted to wrap something else around the center of the firework and I decided a raffia bow would be the perfect thing. It gave it that extra punch of cuteness!!

For the Sparkler part of my firework, I got these darling RED,WHITE, and BLUE glittered floral pics from Dollar Tree. Using my wire snips I clipped pieces off of each one and stuck them down into the top. I can’t believe how perfect these glitter picks were for this part.

The last thing I added was a 12 inch dowel stick to the bottom, so I could stand my fireworks up. I just took some hot glue and glued it into place.

I made 3 different FIREWORKS and I love each one of them. I used all different fabrics and decorations. Have fun and make them your own. That is the best part of crafting!!!!! Look how cute they are in this small Milk Can. I couldn’t love them more!

This is Holly, “Doing what I Love.”


My name is Holly, and I am the co-owner of Doing what we Love with Holly & Renee. I was born and raised in Utah and I love the beauties of this state. I am a mother to 2 wonderful children (who both are married), a wife to an amazing husband, and a Grandma to the cutest little girl on earth.

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