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Feb 10, 2021


Darling Easter Carrot DIY

It is time to start thinking about Spring and Easter Decorations. I love using the Tin Dollar Tree Cookie Sheets for Crafts. Check out this Darling Carrot that I made out of the Cookie Sheets.


The Supplies you will need are:

  1. 2 Tin Cookie Sheets from Dollar Tree

  2. Orange Paint (I used Apple Barrel Spiced Carrot)

  3. Brown Paint ( I used Waverly Wax in Antique)

  4. Greenery for Carrot Stem (You can use any greenery)

  5. Scissors

  6. Paint Brush, Glue Gun, Black Sharpie Marker

  7. Tan and Buffalo Check Ribbon

  8. Jute String

  9. Polyfil for stuffing the carrot (optional)

  10. Black Button

The first thing I did was paint both Cookie Sheets completely with the Spiced Carrot Apple Barrel paint. Once they are done, set them aside and let them dry completely.

Once they were dry I took a black sharpie and drew the outline of a carrot onto one of the Cookie sheets. (Mine was so wonky so please don’t judge, hahahahahaha!!!!)

Then I put both cookie sheets together and cut them out.

I took one of the carrot’s and my Waverly Wax in Antique, and brushed around the edges of the carrot to give it a dirty or grungy look. I also did lines across the carrot to make it look more real.

After that Wax Paint was dry I took my hot glue gun and applied it to the edge of one of the carrots, then placed the other one on to it and glued them together. I made a pocket out of them (I hope that makes sense). Make Sure not to glue the top of the Carrot together.

This step is optional, but I put some polyfil in the Carrot to give it some dimension. I just think it looks a little better.

After I put the polyfil in, I placed my greenery stems down inside the carrot (make sure to center them.) Once everything is in place, glue the top of the carrot closed.

We now are going to make a DARLING bow. I took some tan wired ribbon and buffalo check wired ribbon and cut 4 strips of each ribbon, about 6 inches long.

Next take the ribbon and lay it down crisscrossing and alternating the ribbon.

Once it is all crisscrossed take a piece of jute string and wrap it around the center of the ribbon. Pull the jute string tight and tie a basic knot to hold the ribbon together. Make sure to fluff and trim the ribbon to make a darling bow!

I then took a large black button and hot glued it to the center of the bow, covering up the jute string.

Take that darling finished bow and hot glue it to the top of the Carrot.

To finish it off, I took a piece of jute string and glued each side to the back of the carrot to make a hanger.

I am beyond excited about how this turned out!!!!!! It is the perfect addition to any Spring or Easter Decor. You can hang it on your front door, with a Beautiful Wreath, or on its own. It is so stinking cute!!!!!!!!

This CARROT is definitely HOLLY APPROVED!


My name is Holly, and I am the co-owner of Doing what we Love with Holly & Renee. I was born and raised in Utah and I love the beauties of this state. I am a mother to 2 wonderful children (who both are married), a wife to an amazing husband, and a Grandma to the cutest little girl on earth.

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